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The EOS Community Proxy

Why is it beneficial for EOS token holders to stake with the Eden Proxy?

To amplify the voice of the EOS community. By coming together and pushing in the same direction we can achieve maximum results.

You can now stake your tokens alongside fellow EOS and Eden community members with the collective ideology to deliver the best possible future for the EOS ecosystem. Our talented Block Producers (BP), who do amazing work, sometimes go unnoticed and don’t receive the recognition they deserve.

By using Eden member’s subjective views are collected as they rate EOS BPs. These ratings are then used to select which BPs the Eden Member’s Approved Proxy votes for.

This is Eden on EOS: Empowering the EOS Community, Amplifying our Voice, and Delivering Results.

Collect your APR

Voter rewards proxy

Both Eden Member’s Approved Proxies (Rewards and Donate) vote for the same Block Producers.

By choosing the REWARDS proxy, if the BPs selected return rewards, those rewards will be paid back to the token holder similar to traditional APR earning proxies.

A key difference to keep in mind here is BPs won’t be selected for maximum APR, but instead selected by their ranking from Eden Member’s scores.

This proxy is named: edenproxyrew

Donate your APR

Donation of rewards proxy

By choosing the DONATION proxy, if the BPs selected return rewards, those rewards will be donated to current Eden on EOS treasury.

All movement of funds will be tracked and regularly presented to the community. The method and frequency of this is TBD, but likely monthly updates will be presented on this site, will occur inline with BP ranking updates, and will be similar to updates previously provided by Chris from the first trial Eden election.

This proxy is named: edenproxydon

Established by the EOS community for the EOS community

Eden on EOS - Making Progress

On Saturday, July 17 2021, the second trial Eden on EOS election took place. Chris Barnes was duly elected and delegated to move forward with the initiative of creating and operating an Eden Member’s Approved Proxy.

Chris accepted this mandate with the goal of launching the proxy in advance of the first official Eden on EOS election which took place in the fall of 2021.

UPDATE: The next (third) Eden on EOS election is scheduled for Saturday, October 8, 2022 @ 13:00 UTC.

Chris first proposed this idea in a forum post on July 2, 2021.

Block Producer Information Resources

Learn About EOS BPs - then Rate them!

EOS Dashboard - BP List

List of BPs in vote order. Each BP listed with high level info stats (location, web site, Ownership disclosure), Node information, Health (Email, logo, BP Json), and any Social links.

BP Scorecard

Filter BPs based on various KPI: Regproducer, API Endpoints, P2P Endpoints, bp.json, dfuse etc...

BP Validator Reports

Various reports that can be viewed: Endpoints, Resources, Socials, Branding, API Versions, Country, Endpoints config.ini, and Errors Reports.

CPU Execution Time

Graphical display of BP CPU Execution time. Time frame can be toggled from 3hrs to All Time. Individual BPs can be selected or filtered out from the display.

API Endpoint List by BP

List of BPs by vote count. Each BP is listed with it's endpoint locations if available. This for API, SSL, and P2P.

Geographic Node Distribution

Global view of all EOS nodes. Can also sort by the top 21 producing blocks, and full nodes.

Luka Percic

Head Chief Delegate

Dan Singjoy

Chief Delegate

Hahn Ryu

Chief Delegate

Chris Barnes

Chief Delegate

3rd Official Eden on EOS Chief Delegates

The Faces Behind Eden on EOS

On Saturday, July 9th, the third official Eden on EOS election took place. The winners from that election are known as the “Chief Delegates” with Luka Percic being selected as the Head Chief Delegate.

The projects for each Chief Delegate are:

  • Luka Percic – Eden Telegram Bot
  • Hahn Ryu –
  • Dan Singjoy – Eden Fractal
  • Chris Barnes – Eden on EOS

Check out the Eden on EOS community page to see the election results HERE.

EOS depends on quality Block producers

what the BPs have to say

Meet Our Block Producers

EOS Block Producer interview Series

This is an ongoing series of EOS BP interviews. In each interview BP representatives tell us: about themselves, about the history of their BP, what they are most proud of with their BP, what excites them the most about the future of the EOS blockchain, and what can EOS token holders do help them and/or the EOS blockchain itself.  

Which BPs receive votes?

How are BPs Selected with this Proxy?

Each month the current state of Eden member’s rankings of BPs from the tool is collected.

The results from this list are modified to account for the Eden members participation and results from the most recent Eden election. A weighted average calculation is used as per the factors* below.
The factors* to multiply Eden Member rankings are as follows:
  • Eden Member – No additional multiple
  • Opening Round participation – 2 X multiple
  • First Round delegate – 4 X multiple
  • Second Round delegate (Chief Delegates) – 16 X multiple
  • Sortition Winner – Head Chief – 32 X multiple

Current BP Ranking Table - Updated Sept 2, 2022

* NOTE: These factors are subject to being revised. The number of layers in an Eden Election isn’t fixed, and the weighting will likely increase as the member count of Eden increases.

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